what people say about JUDY

"What makes Judy most valuable for the GPC leadership  is that she is not a traditional  politician..."

— Thomas Trappenberg


   Green Party of Nova Scotia

We have an exciting group of GPC leadership candidates. As leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia (GPNS), I am looking forward to work with any of them very closely to advance our green agenda.

While I cannot endorse a single candidate, I would like to offer some words for Judy N. Green as she lives in Nova Scotia,  was a running mate in the last federal election in our adjacent ridings, and is a member of the GPNS executive.

Judy has impressed us in Nova Scotia in many ways.  I think what makes Judy most valuable for the GPC leadership now is that she is not a traditional politician but enshrines our values of cooperation and respect with a natural and professional working style that brings people together.

Judy has a very rich background as computer scientist, social entrepreneur, business consultant, and community volunteer. Judy found, in a very short time, a connection to Greens across Canada with whom I share a vision of grassroots democracy that empowers our EDAs. Judy would very much embody our vision of doing politics honestly, smart, and with decency.

I hope that we can demonstrate doing politics differently by showing my excitement about Judy’s leadership bid while not seeing this as a single endorsement. I am very much looking forward to the candidate debates which I hope will form a new chapter in Canadian politics.  

A Few Kind Words

elect Judy For Leader of the Green party of canada



Judy N Green's home is in Mi'kma'ki, the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq people. 

Under the Peace & Friendship Treaties we are all Treaty People. 

We want to thank our friends & neighbors in L'sitkuk (Bear River), for their patience and continuing support as we strive to understand more about their indigenous culture and world view.

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