what people say about JUDY

"What makes Judy most valuable for the GPC leadership  is that she is not a traditional  politician..."

— Thomas Trappenberg

   Leader Green Party of Nova Scotia


"Could Green be the populist

in this leadership contest? But a populist

in the true sense of the word -someone with their finger on the pulse of the times. In a field riddled with lawyers and policy wonks, Green is offering up something a little different."

- Steve Mays

TVO Debate Review

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Judy N Green's home is in Mi'kma'ki, the traditional and unceded territory of the Mi'kma people.


By virtue of the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship", we are all members.

We would like to thank our neighbours L'sitkuk (Bear River) for their patience and continued support, as we strive to better understand their Indigenous culture and Global vision.

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