• Judy N Green

Green Party of Canada Leadership Contest Announcement

30 Aug 2020


Today I am officially stepping down from the Green Party of Canada (GPC) Leadership contest.

I want to thank my amazing team of volunteers and all the people across Canada who supported my efforts. I could not have made it this far without all your support.

It has been my immense pleasure to have met so many passionate Canadian Greens from coast to coast to coast. We have all learned so much on this journey.

I also want to announce that I am placing my full support behind David Merner. I have had the opportunity to get to know David throughout the last few months. I believe that David is the unifier that we need at this critical time.

Canada needs us to bring the best policies forward and we need to work together for that to happen. David is the leader for these times. I look forward to working with David to achieve this goal.

I will also be refocusing my efforts on preparing West Nova, and the Green Party of Nova Scotia, for the upcoming federal & provincial elections.

You can follow my future endeavours at

I encourage you to learn about David Merner at

I wish the best to all the leadership contestants in this coming month and I trust that the GPC members will choose the best contestant to lead us into a just green future.

Judy N Green

Former Leadership Contestant - 2020

Former Candidate (West Nova) - 2019

Green Party of Canada | Parti vert du Canada

(Cell): 902-249-1772

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