How you can help JUDY DELIVER FROM THE roots  up.

All donations now support the Electoral District Association of West Nova.


If  you like my message, my character and have the means, a contribution towards my campaign, it would help me reach Canadians who need to hear our message of a revitalized, sustainable new Green Economy as we transition out of the pandemic.


Thank you for your support.

                - Judy 

ways you can participate, donate, and get involved:


Download this FORM.

To be eligible for a tax receipt, complete and send form with payment to:

GREEN Party of Canada

P.O. Box 997, Station B

Ottawa, Ontario

K1P 5R1

DONATE to West Nova EDA by e-transfer to our Financial Agent Krista Grear:

DONATE to West Nova EDA by PAYPAL or Credit Card on the official GPC website.

Donate here!


Please call GPC at 1-866-868-3447

Note: The donations must be followed up with a written note to support the directed donation to "West Nova EDA".